Sumac Dusted Feta & Spinach Triangles

Sumac Dusted Feta & Spinach Triangles

Creamy feta and spinach filled pastries dusted with Sumac.


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Minimum 5 Pieces

Dietary information:
Edible seed allergy: contains sesame seeds
Gluten allergy warning: contains wheat

Filling: spinach, onion, feta cheese, mizithra whey cheese, sunflower oil, pasteurized egg, salt, dill.
Pastry: wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable fats, salt, dextrose, olive oil, sesame seeds, sumac.

Product information:
Packed in recyclable foil/cardboard take-away meal containers
Refrigerate immediately at or below 4 degrees Celsius
Consume within 2 days
Re-heat in oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes or until hot in the center 
Do not freeze

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