About Us

ASRC Catering provides global food experiences with a social impact. 

ASRC Catering is a social enterprise of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), Australia’s largest independent human rights organisation providing support to people seeking asylum.

Employing 16 people seeking asylum, ASRC Catering creates delicious vegetarian food inspired by the flavours, cuisines and cultures of the people we employ - people who come to Australia from around the globe seeking safety and freedom. 

Our mission as a social enterprise is to create pathways to employment for people seeking asylum, offering training, mentoring and paid work through our catering and event services. 

These meals are now also available for the public to purchase and enjoy at home.

Inspired by the community we serve, our convenient vegetarian heat-at-home meals are wholesome and delicious and available for pick-up or delivery on Tuesday - Saturday. 

Your support keeps people seeking asylum in meaningful and stable employment and puts food on the table for others in need of support.