Meet Harchana

I always use more spice than other people. I use lots of lemongrass, galangal, chili and fresh turmeric; always fresh, never dried. 

Malay food means Nasi Lemak: rice cooked in coconut milk with chicken and sambal. 

Chicken Rendang is another popular dish and my favourite. Here at ASRC Catering we are making vegetarian rendang using soy meat and tofu. It’s actually just as good as the real thing. 

I came to Australia in 2019. At first, I worked in a factory packing biscuits but I couldn’t get enough shifts. So I went to ASRC and talked to their Employment team. That’s how I came to be working here at ASRC Catering. 

In the future, if I had the opportunity I would love to study to become a chef because I love cooking obviously. But on my visa right now I can’t study so I also dream that I’ll receive a Permanent Residency visa. It's really stressful not knowing for certain what my future will be. 

I want to buy a house and to start my life. Living here now I feel safe. I’m happy and hanging out with my friends but my future is very unclear. 

The sari I’m wearing is from my culture. It’s Malaysian Indian and when I wear it I feel beautiful and I’m comfortable. It’s something special that I can wear to show my identity.